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Envelope Experts offers the following envelopes to our clients:


Tudor – A Trusted Name in Envelopes

  • Quality Australian manufactured Envelopes
  • Carbon Neutral, and featuring up to 30% recycled content
  • Available in all common varieties (100+ varieties, across all common sizes)
  • Standard 80gsm in small wallet sizes
  • Heavy 100gsm Pocket envelopes (and C4 Wallets)
  • White & Goldkraft available
  • Tudor branded envelopes make up the bulk of stock we supply to the market

We carry a large variety of common Tudor stocks. Ask us about your specific requirements – we can assist finding the right one –

90gsm Envelopes – That little bit extra thickness

90gsm Envelopes – That little bit extra thickness

These envelope stocks provide a bit of extra thickness, either for a more quality feel, or for increased security of the information inside.

In Window configuration, these are also the best suited to feeding through digital laser printers, as the window film itself is a special heat resistant material that will not bubble or melt.

We commonly stock the following (although others are available):

  • DL Plain, DL Plain Secretive, DL Window
  • DLX Window Strip Seal, DLX Barcode Window Lick n stick
  • C5 Window Strip Seal Wallet
  • C4 Window Strip Seal Wallet

100gsm Envelopes – Premium Smooth LASER

100gsm Envelopes – Premium Smooth LASER

Looking for something a cut above the rest? Premium Smooth Laser envelopes are a very high quality product, with the smoothness of a specialty stock (not unlike Knight Smooth), and a nice thick bulky feel. What’s better is…..they’re ultra affordable!

Promote yourself as a Premium business –

Code Description Style
EE13550 C6 – Strip Seal Plain Face, Premium 100gsm Wallet
EE15550 DL – Strip Seal Plain Face, Premium 100gsm Wallet
EE17550 DLX – Strip Seal Plain Face, Premium 100gsm Wallet
EE50550 C5 – Strip Seal Plain Face, Premium 100gsm Wallet
EE27650 C4 – Strip Seal Plain Face, Premium 100gsm Pocket
EE27650 C4 – Strip Seal Plain Face, Premium 100gsm Pocket
EE28650 B4 – Strip Seal Plain Face, Premium 100gsm
(available on request only – not always stocked)

Square Envelopes - White

Square Envelopes – White

Got something square to send? Or do you just want to look different? Square envelopes offer a premium look, for invitiations, events, special promotions, or anything you can think of.

Also ask us about coloured Square envelopes –

Coloured Envelopes

Coloured Envelopes

Envelopes made from coloured paper are a great way to stand out, and they can be further customised with a print of your choice.

  • Red, Yellow, Black, Grey, Blue, Orange, Green……and many more
  • Metallic colours – Gold, Silver, Ice White, Lustre Red, etc.
  • Available mainly in common sizes:
    • 11B, C6, DL, 130×180, C5, as well as some C4
    • Squares – mainly 130×130, 150×150, 160×160

Ask us today for what’might suit your needs –

Specialty Paper Envelopes

Specialty Paper Envelopes

For the ultimate classy look, try specialty paper envelopes. The paper speaks for itself with these stocks. And a black or 2 colour print may be all that is required to top it off.

Get a Quote today –

  • Knight – Smooth, Vellum, Linen, Hammer
  • Conqueror – Laid, Contour, Wove, CX22
  • Rives – Traditional, Design
  • Mohawk – Opaque Smooth, Via Felt, Superfine Eggshell
  • Strathmore – Supersmooth, Wove, Cambric
  • Curious Metallic
  • Stardream
  • Envirocare 100% recycled
  • Impact Recycled
  • Kaskad
  • Colorplan

Xray Envelopes

Xray Envelopes

These envelopes are for exactly what the name suggests. Commonly used in the healthcare industry, these are ungummed (no glue to seal the flap closed).

These are available from a few different manufacturers, in differing paper weights.

Code Description Style
EE32600 266x215mm – Ungummed Plain Face, 100gsm Pocket
EE33600 317x266mm – Ungummed Plain Face, 100gsm Pocket
EE33600H 317x266mm – Ungummed Plain Face, 150gsm Pocket
EE34600 444x368mm – Ungummed Plain Face, 120gsm Pocket
EE34600H 444x368mm – Ungummed Plain Face, 150gsm Pocket

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Coloured Envelopes

Other Custom Size Envelopes

While there are a large range of pre-existing envelope sizes available, there may always be the need for something custom. In this case, we can assist with custom making a special run of envelopes for your specific purpose.

  • Hand made envelopes – 250 up to 5000
  • Custom machine made envelopes – 5000 up to 500,000+
  • Printable as flat sheets, or potentially also as a finished envelope overprint
  • Stock weights typically 80gsm, up to 160gsm (although heavier board weights above 240gsm may be possible in some configurations)

Ask us for a quote today –