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Envelope Experts offers the following services to our clients:



Off-The-Shelf Envelopes

At Envelope Experts, we use Tudor brand envelopes by default for most common lines, which is a well known trusted product, locally made from Australian paper.  However, we can easily source stock from any manufacturer, giving us the flexibility to provide whatever envelope is best suited to your client’s needs.  Not every envelope is available off-the-shelf, but using something readily available makes for a much more cost effective solution.

•    Tudor brand envelopes on most common lines (DL, DLX, C5, C4, B4, etc.)
•    Non-Tudor varieties available upon request
•    Odd Size Envelopes (e.g. 114×114 Square)
•    Coloured Paper Envelopes (Optix, Kaskad, Curious Metallic, etc.)
•    Specialty Paper Envelopes (Knight Smooth, Saxton, Conqueror, etc.)


1-4 Spot PMS Colours

We have a range of Halm Envelope JetPresses (machines specifically designed to run envelopes) for both 1&2 colour jobs, as well as 3&4 colour jobs.  We match to Pantone PMS colours, or if you have a previous printed sample or proof, we will also try to match to your sample as close as possible (using the specified PMS colour as a base).


Full Colour CMYK (Offset)

Our 4 Colour Halm Envelope JetPress is capable of the best possible Full Colour reproduction onto uncoated envelope stock, at speeds up to 30,000 envelopes per hour.  Together with the ability to match colours …..This allows us to provide a great quality print, at a competitive trade price.


Full Colour CMYK (Digital – Variable)

Our Laser Digital Envelope Press can produce envelopes with brilliant vibrant colour, and makes CMYK print much more affordable for small quantities of up to 1000 envelopes (from DL right up to B4 and larger).  A further advantage is the ability to print variable artwork designs on each envelope.  Talk to us about your digital CMYK requirements.


Addressing – 1 Colour Black

If you need envelopes digitally addressed, no problem.  We can do 1 colour black addressing on small size envelopes in any quantity, from 100 envelopes right up to 50,000 or larger mail out quantities.  We can also provide addressing of larger envelopes (C5, C4, B4, larger) in small quantities (up to 5000).


Custom / Special Make Envelopes

When your client needs something special, either for a particular purpose, or perhaps just to stand out from the crowd, then Special Making might be a good option.  This refers to doing a special machine run to make exactly what the client wants.  This gives you much more flexibility to provide special sizes, special windows, special papers, etc.  However, the cost of supply will be much higher than an off-the-shelf envelope which is mass produced.  Exactly how costly will depend on the complexity of the envelope.

•    Print & Make (from flat sheet artwork)
•    Making only (from printed flat sheets supplied)
•    Friendly advice on the following aspects:
•    What’s possible, or likely to be expensive
•    Die lines for positioning artwork on a flat sheet
•    Taking glue lines into account
•    Allow for over’s / spoilage during the making process